The company’s equipment and services

Wu Hung production capacity includes hobbing, SKIVING, insert (shovel) teeth and other processing.

We are all Japan, Germany production machines and testing equipment.

We pay attention to the details of each process and insist on quality.

In order to ensure that products can meet customer needs,Create a win-win situation for both parties and even multiple parties.

In the future, we will still increase production of various types of equipment to serve customers.

For each type of work piece produced.

It must be tested by gear precision measuring instruments.

Ensure that the gear products produced by Wu Hong are of good quality and stable.

Can meet the needs of customers.

What core competencies Wu Hung gear with it?

Gear calculationDevelopment

Follow the customer’s needs and existing conditions to design gears that meet the requirements,When the conditions are conflicting,Our technicians can also make improvement plans to discuss with customers,It is our pride to produce good quality products that meet the needs of customers.

Gear design optimization

Our technical staff can make improvements to the existing products to make the products more stable or more precise, so that the customer’s satisfaction when using it is more improved

Reverse Engineering

Reverse process thinking can be done on similar products to adjust or redesign better products.

Production development

We have advanced machines from Germany ⌈KOEPFER 200⌋ ,Corresponding to various types of hobbing.

It can correspond to the secondary finishing of skiving after heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and hardness of the workpiece.

Whether it is mass production or development proofing, Wu Hong can find a solution for you.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or needs about development.

Serviceable items
Module M0.4 ~ M6.0
Maximum outer diameter Ø300
Gear Shaper / General Hobbing / SKIVING

Product improvement