About Wu Hung

Production and development of professional gears

Wu Hung History

Wu Hung Gear Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2002,Early specializes in gear processing of reducers.

Based on customer needs,Since its establishment, we have been serving customers with a professional, rapid and enthusiastic attitude.

In recent years, it has served customers in all walks of life,Recognized and trusted by customers.

In order to improve more service quality,Migration from 2005 to the new plant so far,And the introduction of Japanese and German machinery and testing equipment,In response to the fast changing needs of the times and more.

Business philosophy

Integrity-based, customer first, quality first

Is the company’s business philosophy,Any product is produced with the highest standard quality,In order to fulfill the requirements of customers, we try our best to complete,The customer’s affirmation is also our biggest motivation to work hard forward.

Why choose Wu Hung?

Good quality • Professional production capacity • Fast delivery time

Quality is the life of the product, and it is also the core value of the gear.

Any kind of gear produced by our company must undergo a complete specification inspection.

Before the products are delivered to customers, we ensure that the accuracy of all products meets customer needs,It is the quality concept that our company strives to adhere to to hand over the best gear in the fastest time.

Good quality
Professional capacity
Fast delivery

Create a win-win opportunity.

Please tell us your service needs.